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Hello everyone!

Well it's been a long time since I have been active in the deviantart world, and I must say it feels good to be back.

It's been almost three years since I wrote a journal entry on here and my word there is a lot of catching up to do!

So I finished my Bachelor of Photography, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the lack of organisation and poor quality of teaching. But I feel like I got a lot out of it, in fact BIG NEWS, I have landed my first solo exhibition!
So I am extremely excited to start working more on it, I have 7 artworks already created and I am hoping to increase that to 15-20 before September.. Yikes!

So expect me to post some exciting work real soon, and I will definitely be posting a lot more often.

Love and admiration,
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I am so excited! I finally got a new camera!

I've been using the Pentax K100D Super for almost 2 years, and I finally upgraded! I just spent all my savings on the new Pentax K7 and I LOVE it!!! I can't believe how much better it is at just taking photographs than any other camera I have used. The exposure metering is almost perfect and instead of skies being overexposed and foreground underexposed, you actually get exactly what you see through the viewfinder!

The HD video works really well, and its really fun being able to manually focus. The HDR and multiple exposure settings are also a cool idea, and although it can be done post-processing, it is fun being able to do it all in camera!

I haven't had a chance to test it out properly yet, but I intend on going on a few photo outings soon so expect a whole bunch of new work in the next couple of weeks!

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Well I am finally back from my 3 week trip to Queensland. It was f-ing awesome, so expect a few photos in the next few days!

That is all...
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Ok so I haven't come on deviantart for a while because I've been away... and the first thing I find when I get back is that my photo of the Eiffel Tower has been deleted due to 'Copyright Violation'... So obviously I'm pretty pissed off because I took that photo myself with my little Kodak Camera. So I don't care if someone thinks I copied it, because it is my shot and I'm going to put it back on!


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 7:46 PM
Well! It's that time of year and the Canon Photo5 competition is coming to a close. My dad entered last year and became a finalist, so I thought I would have a shot this year and see how far I could go. Finalists are announced on the 3rd of November.
The objects for this year were; a ribbon, crayon, teacandle, cocktail umbrella and a bubble blower... Below is what I came up with.

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Well I've been surprisingly 'busy' the past few days so I have a few exciting things I would like to address :D

1: Surgery
I went and got my surgery yesterday at 6am. Everything went well except I was so horribly uncomfortable the whole night there at the hospital, and throwing up a stomache full of blood isn't exactly the most pleasant of feelings.
I felt a lot better after they took the packing out of my nose, but now its all dry and horrible and full of clotted blood, but hopefully it will dislodge in a couple of days. :)

2: My New Camera
When I got home today from hospital my camera was there waiting for me! Hooray! The lenses look really good and everything is in mint condition. I can't wait to try out the flash :D
So the plan now is to convert it to an IR camera. Unfortunately I have to do it myself, so fingers crossed I don't destroy the camera in the process :P

3: CIT
I booked a tour of the photography section at CIT and it was amazing. Their studio is huge, they have roller doors to get cars and everything into there. They have really great facilities and an awesome darkroom. I saw the exhibition of previous students there and was blown away, some of the photographs were fantastic (They even had a couple photos taken from my old photography teacher up), after seeing them I started getting a little paranoid I wouldn't be accepted into the class. They said that the class is very difficult and they only let about 50% of the applicants through. Luckily once you have an interview they let you know within a couple of days if you got in or not.
The person there said that you should have a good idea of which area of photography you want to head towards in order to get accepted, which is a really bad thing for me because I have NO idea at all. So hopefully I'll do ok come November when I apply :)
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Well, yesterday on a wild impulse I went and bought a camera off ebay. So now I'm broke, but if everything goes to plan it should be a good buy! Yay!
I bought a Pentax K100D (The model below mine) and I intend to convert it to an Infrared camera. I'm debating about modifying it myself, but I think it will be safer to get it done by a professional, unfortunately the only one I can find is in melbourne, so I may have to ship it off.
Along with the camera I recieved two lenses (one of which is a macro which I have been wanting for a while now) and a good flash, (again something I have been looking into).
I decided to get another pentax because I can use all the lenses on both my cameras, so this way I dont have to spend hundreds of dollars buying new ones.
I'm feeling a little buyers remorse at the moment, as I have no money left now, and I can't work for three weeks due to my upcoming surgery, but oh well, it shouldn't take me too long to save up the money again.
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Well I have actually completed year 12! Hoorah!
Atleast I think I have, its been a very difficult process trying to leave early (I think my school is just trying to get me to stay so I can keep paying them) nah, I'm just joking...

Well being sick sort of stuffed me up, but atleast I still came third in my photography class, and thats without handing in one of the assignments! So I'm not complaining.

As some of you may know, I'm leaving school early because I'm getting an operation in a few weeks, it's nothing too serious, but its enough to make me miss a month or so of school, so me and my parents decided it would be best for me to leave early, rather than be under heaps of stress to try and catch up. I'm a little nervous though, but it should be alright :)

I've decided that after I recover and I'm not going to school I can spend some time taking lots of photos, seeming as I will have heaps of spare time, and get ready for CIT next year (Can't wait!)
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Well I have finally reached 2,000 pageviews! Yay!

That is all... <3
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Well I have finally gotten around to re-editing my Tree photos (my most popular photographs of the dead tree). Frankly, I can't believe I actually liked the old versions after creating the new ones. The new ones are MUCH better.
This time (along with using simple tools such as levels, selective colour, curves, etc) I used noise reduction (which made the images look really nice and soft and got rid of the graininess in the tree and grass). I think the main alteration however was a black and white layer which I set to overlay, this brought out the shadows and highlights nicely in the grass and gave it more depth.
When I get around to it I'll eventually post the new versions up in replacement of the older ones.
Thankyou for reading! I hope to recieve lots of feedback on the new versions!
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Well I got my mark back for my photos in class. Second highest! Yay!!! Considering all of my photos were shocking besides one, I was rather happy with that.
My teacher is rather harsh with what he likes, he often goes on about how he has only ever liked one students photo, and that was five years ago. However he seemed to think that my portrait was especially good! and he brought it up a few times throughout the lesson. So even if he didn't like it, he said it was a 'cracker' of a photo (whatever that means) and that I was the only one who used DOF deliberately and successfully. So I'm taking that as a win!!!
(If you are wondering which photo I am talking about, it is 'Come Hither' in my gallery. So Thankyou JJ for being my very sexy model!)
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Now I know I am in my final year of school until I reach University or CIT, but I am completely sick of it.
Now this all is just going to sound like a huge 'whinge' but I have completely lost interest in it all.

None of the classes are getting anywhere, we are just taught the same things over and over again, and I see no point in learning something I will never need anyway. Last year it was alright, because I hadn't fully decided what I wanted to do, so learning basic things kept my options open, but now that I know I want to do photography, everything else just seems trivial.

Even though I love photography, the course at school is really bad. I'm stuck with a teacher who hasn't taught us anything, probably for the reason that the whole class can barely grasp the concept of 'depth of field'. The cameras at school are shit, and I'm not allowed to use my own for assignments. It is also rather annoying that we haven't done digital at all. Black and White film is the only thing we have done, and after over a year, we have only done topics on architecture, night and a little on landscape.
The people in my class are basically all idiots, I once heard someone in my class say 'Is the Mona Lisa a photo?' In which after hearing I basically died from shock.

I think there are serious problems with the students at my school, after the year 12 students still say 'ewww' at the sight of people holding hands. Because you know, anything of an intimate nature is frowned upon, even though the school motto this year is 'Building people of Love'.

What makes everything worse is that now I have absolutely NO motivation in anything to do with school, and after missing a few weeks due to being quite sick, I haven't done any schoolwork whatsoever, which means I get teachers hassling me the whole time I'm there. I suppose they have a reason to though.

My problem is that in order to get into the CIT course I want, I just need a year 12 certificate and tertiary english, so it really doesn't matter what marks I get, as long as I scrape through and finish the year. Unfortunately this means I feel no need to actually excel myself.
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